Why Choose J N L Tech & Software?

Extra Mile

We always consider the clients need and goes the extra mile for them because not everyone is tech-savvy. JNL Tech offers it's expertise to business & home users of the modern world today. Technology evolves and we have to evolve with it to live up to the high standards. We do things remotely nationwide including Internationally Worldwide too. JNL Tech & Software do things remotely to give you peace of mind and security, plus we offer a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 15-Day Exchange Warranty on the software we sell if you're not satisfied with the services & if you proof to us that the product is defective. J N L Tech Terms & Conditions apply!


JNL Tech & Software, has started in 2014 by founder Jonathan Lewis from the Mother City Cape Town in the heart of the Northern Suburbs Eerste River. We first started building PCs, installing software, troubleshooting routers and creating a platform for ourselves. Today, we can do installations of almost any software remotely in South Africa and can troubleshoot most devices. We specialize in Software for Windows and Apple Mac devices plus we offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee & 15-Day Exchange Warranty on all products. We also sell other software for Windows or Mac computers like Adobe, SketchUp and AutoCAD depending on what clients need plus Antivirus Protection Software for Personal or Business Use.


We consider the needs of everyone especially those who needs software but doesn't have the affordability or knows how to install it. That is where JNL Tech & Software steps in to assess the needs of clients and we do our utmost best to deliver results. We also offer online technical remote support per hour when needed the most for configurations, upgrades or technical repairs across South Africa and Worldwide. 


We value the clients we deal with because we are not working with people, but with EMOTIONS hence why everyone we assist, we value our time with them and always wants the client to have an excellent customer experience with us. It is our first and main priority to deliver excellent customer service and to assess their needs with excellency.

PC meets Tech & Software

This is where PC's/Laptops or Apple devices that doesn't have the required software to operate, meets with the Technical Support that will provide the Software that is needed to make the device functional again at a Flat Additional Rate that's Affordable For Everyone. Simple Solutions for Complex Connections.